Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ponds nr Winkleigh airfield

This property has a fish pond, and three larger ponds. One has extensive Canadian pond weed - good for oxygen levels, but as the owner says, it does take over - unless your pond is small enough to reach over and weed it out occasionally.

Two other ponds are fed by a stream draining off farmland. These have become overwhelmed with duck weed. Nitrate testing found no discernable nitrate in any of the ponds.

Time and weather 9.30-11am overcast, some heavy rain

Garden pond

No wildlife found
Opal score 8
ph 7.8 nitrate 0

Large pond with lilies
Water Slater
Water Boatman
Mayfly larva
Dragonfly larva
Damselfly larva
Opal score 8
pH 6.6 nitrates 0

Ponds covered with duck weed

No wildlife found
Opal score 8
ph 6.6 nitrates 0

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