Thursday, 5 August 2010

Ponds at Wheatland Farm cottage and lodges

Wheatland Farm cottage and lodges has 5 ponds, including one that is seasonal, and one that is inaccessible. The largest pond was emptied of fish in 2008 (they were donated to Zeal Monochorum fishing club - thanks to Paul Carter from the Environment Agency for help). It has since been re-shaped and managed for wildlife.

Time and weather 7-8.30pm. It was overcast, with slight drizzle.

Main wildlife pond

Water Boatmen
Caddisfly Larva
Water Slater
Pond Skater
Water Stick Insect
Alderfly Larva
Opal score 6
pH 8.2 nitrates 0

Old Slurry Pit Pond

A smaller pond (the old slurry pit pond) is still stocked with fish, and although it has some interesting marginal plants (including greater spearwort) there isn't much invertebrate life.

Water Boatmen
Opal water test 6
pH 8 nitrates 0

The Magic Pond on Popehouse Moor

Within Popehouse Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest there's a woodland pond. It needs some clearing work, but is still rich in wildlife.

Alderfly larvae
Dragonfly larvae
Water skaters
Water beetles
Water slater
Water boatmen
Opal water test 6
pH 7.2 nitrates 0

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